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$650 - $900

June 27 - July 1, 2019



What does the H.O.E. stand for? Helping Officers Everywhere!!! That's right we're off to Wiesbaden, G E R M A N Y to turn up with our US military guys and gals and we'd LOVE to have you join us!

We are going to be reserving 10lbs of our luggage to bring them some of the treats and good stuff they miss from back home! So if you're with spreading good vibes you need to join this trip!!!


Single Occupancy: $900 per person

Double Occupancy: $650 per person 


This rate includes four nights in Wiesbaden, full day cruise on one of Germany's famous rivers, meet and greet at a local bar, entrance into Wiesbaden hot springs, and WBT's "Us" vs. "Them" Battle of the Sexes Bowling Tournament!


🎈What is the total rate per person?
The rate is $650 per person for double occupancy and $900 for single occupancy. This rate does not include flights.

🎈How much is the deposit?
$250 per person. The balance will be invoiced to you with the final payment being due June 1st 2019.

🎈Is Germany safe?
Yes! As long as you don't do anything crazy, you will be good! 

🎈Do they speak English in Germany?
Not everybody but most people will speak some English and most businesses have English speaking employees.

🎈Where would we be flying into?
We would be flying into Frankfurt, and taking a 15-minute train to Wiesbaden.

🎈What else will we be doing there?
If you're into it we'll also be visiting a German swingers club! 👀

🎈How much spending money should I bring?
$400-$500 would be my suggestion.


*All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Rate does not include airfare or airport transfers unless otherwise stated.

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