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First launched in January 2012 Worst Behavior started out as just one annual trip to have fun and let loose with friends. Now, our circle of friends and extended family has expanded to several trips AND parties throughout the year! WBT combines the two things that we love the most and that's traveling and having dope ass parties!


Unlike some travel companies who take your money and send you on a vacation that they themselves have not even experienced, WBT establishes unique relationships with each hotel and resort and make sure we have a working knowledge of every city/country we visit. Not only that, but there will always be at least one WBT team member with you on all of our highly popular group trips. This means even if you decide to travel solo with us you are never really alone.


Group excursions, day parties, night parties, theme nights and games are only a small part of the fun you will have with the fun folks of WBT. Every trip turns into an adventure and every client turns into a friend.

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