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MAY 21 - 26, 2020



Jet set across the pond with us as we embark on WBT's very first Vice Tour!!! This hop on hop off trip will consist of six cities in four different countries! Those cities are Amsterdam, Paris, Cognac, Rome, Mykonos and Santorini! Why are we calling this the "Vice Tour" you ask? Because we have something FOR EVERYONE to make sure you stay on your WORST BEHAVIOR!

This hop on hop off tour allows you to join us at ANY of the stops subject to YOUR availability! Can't get the time off to meet us at our first stop? Hop on and meet us on our second stop instead! Can't stay all the way to Greece? Hop off in Rome! It's whatever itinerary you choose!

If you love marijuana then you already know Amsterdam is the place for you. lol Love a good Instagram worthy photo shoot? Then the City of Lights a.k.a. Paris is where you want to be! Cognac? As in the liquor? That's right! If cognac is your thing then you NEED to be on this trip especially as we TOUR THE HENNESSY MANSION IN COGNAC, FRANCE to learn about the "je ne said quoi" required to craft the perfection that makes Hennessy HENNESSY. If shopping is your thing then you'll LOVE all of the stores and richness that Rome has to offer! If opulence is your thing then look no further than the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini!


Amsterdam❌Paris❌Cognac - $925pp

Paris❌Cognac - $725pp

Paris❌Cognac❌Rome - $925

Rome❌Mykonos❌Santorini - $1135









• Hotel Accommodations at 4-Star Hotels
• Breakfast at Select Hotels
• One Tour or Excursion Per City
• Roundtrip Airport Shuttles at Select Hotels

•Worst Behavior Tour Guide

•Worst Behavior Tour Survival Kit

• A Lifetime Full Of Great Memories

• And soooo much more!​


*All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Rate does not include airfare or airport transfers unless otherwise stated.

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